All calls should be directed to the main district number at (631) 537-0271. You may reach any individual through their phone extension or by e-mail. Please note that extensions denoted with an asterisk (*) are voice mail only and you will need to leave a message in order to reach that person.


Name Title E-mail Extension
Dr. Lois R. Favre Superintendent / Principal 1310
Mr. Robert Hauser Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Facilities 1342
Aleta Parker Director of RTI 1324

Elementary School Staff

Name Title E-mail Extension
Michael Byrne Fifth Grade Teacher  1349*
Jeff Hand Third Grade Teacher  1362*
Marie Hand 6th Grade Teacher  1348*
Nina Merkert First Grade Teacher  1347*
Elizabeth Kirwan Pre-Kindergarten Teacher  1320*
Jackie Poole Second Grade Teacher  1350*
Annette Rivera Fourth Grade Teacher  1364*
Jessica Rodgers AIS Teacher  1323
Michelle New Kindergarten Teacher  1346*
Jen Schwab Special Education Teacher  1313*

Secondary School Staff

Name Title E-mail Extension
Nancy Bagshaw Foreign Language Teacher  1319*
Judiann Carmack-Fayyaz Environmental Design Teacher  1341*
Tom House English Teacher  1361*
Kameron Kaiser ESL Teacher  1331*
Henry Meyer Social Studies Teacher  1359*
Linda Murphy Math Teacher  1356*
Natalia Nichols Science Teacher  1337*
Kelly Sharp Math Teacher  1355*
John Reilly Social Studies Teacher  1360*
Biana Stepanian Foreign Language Teacher  1353*
Helen Wolfe Science/Math Teacher  1352*
Lenore Wright English Teacher  1358*
Jenna Mascia Family and Consumer Science Teacher  1355*

Special Subject Teachers (K-12)

Name Title E-mail Extension
David Elliott Music Teacher  1335*
Robin Gianis Art Teacher  1354*
David Holmes Library Media Specialist  1328*
Michael Miller Physical Education & Athletic Director  1326
Steve Meyers Physical Education/Health  1340
Lindsey Sanchez Music Teacher  1334*

Special Services

Name Title E-mail
Elizabeth Flanagan School Nurse 1327
Ninfa Boyd ESL Teacher Assistant 1365
Danielle Doscher Guidance Counselor 1333
Rosanna Maione Elementary ESL Teacher 1343*
Lauren Sebor Psychologist 1332
Corinne Neubauer Special Education Teacher 1374*

Department of Special Education

Name Title E-mail Extension
Patrick Aiello Secondary Special Education English/SS  1369*
Kenneth Giosi CSE Chairperson  1330
Aleaze Hodgens Speech/Language Pathologist  1321
Laura Keenan Special Ed. Teacher  1336*
Jeffrey Neubauer Secondary Special Education Science/Math  1357*
Julie Waller Special Education Teacher/CPSE Chairperson  1391*
Joe Pluta Special Education Teacher

Support Staff

Name Title E-mail Extension
Vanessa Rojano Front Desk 1370
Sylvia Fridie Account Clerk 1338
Christine Harrison Principal Secretary & Registrar 1310
Tammy Cavanaugh District Clerk & Superintendent’s Secretary 1322
Joe Jenkins Custodian 1375*
Carl Johnson Aide & Basketball Coach 1367*
Ava Mack Teacher Aide 1377*
Barbara Palermo  Guidance Secretary   1325
Bryan O’Malley Purchasing 1372
Jennifir Cunningham Senior Clerk – Business Office 1344
Melisa Stiles District Treasurer 1371
Dorothy White Custodian 1379*

Technology Staff

Name Title E-mail Extension
Sean Sharp Technology Coordinator 1345
Chris Milian Data Specialist 1339

* Voice mail only, please leave a message.