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District Wide Planning Committee: Agenda


The Bridgehampton Strategic Planning Council was convened at 3:30 p.m. on October 16, 2006 by Dr. Bernato.


In as much as this was the first meeting of the year, he invited each person to introduce him / herself.


Stakeholders from faculty, staff, administration, and community attended. Two Board Members also attended.


There were three goals for the meeting:

1.      Troubleshoot protocols for surveying parent and community residents.

2.      Consider and assess goals for the strategic plan that Dr. Bernato offered for review.

3.      Identify which goals SPC members might be interested in to spearhead for further review, draft, and development.


Dr. Youngblood began by reviewing the tentative plans she and a sub group had developed in order to administer a survey that assessed parents' and community members' perceptions of the extent to which correlates of Effective Schools were present in the school system.


Discussion followed. This included the feasibility of administering an instrument that would ensure that all segments of the Bridgehampton community were accurately and fairly heard. Another issue was whether the survey as amended could validly and reliably assess what the Board and the SPC wanted to know. Dr. Bernato pointed out that the survey was not intended to gather data about other issues important to the district and that its intent was to combine it with perceptions of staff (already done); secondary students (scheduled to be completed by the end of October); and of parents of children who attended Bridgehampton schools. Other issues although rightfully important, were not accounted for in the survey.


This led to several suggestions as to how to gather the additional information and to include the cross section of Bridgehampton residents' perceptions into a meaningful instrument that would enable the SPC to reliably assess the data.


Dr. Youngblood wrote down the many suggestions and it was decided that closure for administration of any parent and / or community survey would be tabled. Dr. Youngblood would offer final recommendations at the next SPC meeting, October 30.


Dr. Bernato distributed draft action plans of goals that the SPC might consider for adoption and or adaptation. He made it clear that his suggestions were based on the root cause analyses, and discussions the group had had since its training and deliberations. It was also based on his own professional experiences in district strategic planning.


The group actively considered each goal and began to prioritize them. Most of the SPC member volunteered to spearhead further analysis of this goal. They will attempt to gather other individuals to sit on the sub - committees in order to disseminate power and ownership of the entire plan.


They will report on their progress at the next meeting.



  1. Feasibility of establishing a Career Academy
  2. Develop a mechanism to formalize and sustain the Strategic Planning Council
  3. Develop a process for a formalized communication exchange network among Bridgehampton Stakeholders
  4. Develop a system to ensure curriculum alignment in skills, concepts, and content across subject and grade levels
  5. Conduct a demographic study and census
  6. Create and implement a technology embedded instructional program for students in grades K-12


Council Members who volunteered to work on the committees:

    • Committee #1 - Biana  Stepanian, Angela Parisi, Rick Delano, Judiann Carmack, Joanne Palisi
    • Committee #2 - Joe Conti, Mary Johnsen, David Holmes, Jack Pryor
    • Committee #3 - David Holmes, Joe Berhalter, Jimmy Walker
    • Committee #4 - Jack Pryor, Rich Bernato (from afar), Mary Johnsen
    • Committee #5 - Dianne Youngblood, Joyce Manigo, Eleanor Swan
    • Committee #6 - Henry Meyer, Steve Koepper, Jackie Poole


The Next SPC Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 30, 2006, 3:30-5:30 p.m.