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District Wide Planning Committee: Summary

Summary of SPC meeting was held Tuesday, 10/28/08.

Present were: Angela Parisi, Biana Stepanian, John Pryor, Nicki Hemby, Kathryn de Groot, Steve Koepper, Ava Mack, Joanne Palisi, Elizabeth Kotz, Judiann Carmack-Fayyaz, and myself.


The following information was shared by each “2008-09 Goals” Sub-Committee on their progress to date:

         On behalf of the Curriculum Alignment Committee, Mr. Pryor provided an extensive update informing the council that this is an ongoing project whereby teachers are meeting once per month during faculty meetings to work on curriculum alignment (i.e. Pre Kindergarten – Sixth Grade is working on math alignment; teachers are using performance indicators to guide their alignment process; several teachers are working on developing an R.T.I. model).

         On behalf of the Career Academy Committee, Ms. Carmack-Fayyaz distributed a written report by committee members highlighting the work they have done thus far. Some of which included: Linda Murphy’s A.I.S. class in Geometry has teamed up with one of the Environmental Design classes to work on a project that requires each group within the class to construct a house using the Google SketchUp Program. They described the project as “fun, relevant, challenging interdisciplinary, technologically oriented and very real-life”. The committee is also working on integrating our Technology, Business and English departments into the Career Academy.

         The Communication Committee (Elizabeth Kotz, Judiann Carmack-Fayyaz, and Rick Delano) discussed plans to draw people in for an Open House in January 2009 to help increase our student enrollment. A meeting is being planned for Rick Delano to speak with faculty, staff, parents, and neighboring school district administrators and Boards of Education on the topic of “Millennials and K-12 Education”.

         The Extra-Curricular Committee (Nicki Hemby and Doug deGroot) hopes to provide an update on their work at our next meeting.

         The Technology/Website Committee (Elizabeth Kotz, Kathryn deGroot, Steve Koepper, Marie Hand, Joanne Palisi, John Pryor, and Dianne Youngblood) is presently working on: establishing a date by when all teacher web pages will be activated; developing a process by which the district website information can be updated; readying the surplus district laptops (approximately 45) for sale to the PTO.

         Dr. Youngblood updated the Council on the continued work being done by her office to promote Inter-district Shared Services. The most current outcome is an “East End Cooperative Purchasing Meeting” being held at Bridgehampton School this Wednesday, 11/5/08, at 9:30 a.m.

         On behalf of the Middle States Accreditation Committee, Dr. Youngblood informed the Council of her contact with the Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools regarding their accreditation process. It was decided that Dr. Youngblood would ask the Board of Education’s permission to invite the representative to meet with the Board to discuss the process and fees.

         At the request of a Council member, Kathryn deGroot and Dr. Youngblood will also investigate the concept and governance of “Magnet Schools”.


In an effort to maintain the momentum of the SPC, it was decided that our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 2:45 p.m. in the Middle School Large Room. Please try to join us. Your input is greatly valued!