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District Wide Planning Committee: Summary



October 30, 2006


Meeting goals were to;

-         finalize plans for parent and community surveys

-         review update of student survey

-         review update of sub committees' action planning


I           Parent / community surveys: Dr. Youngblood reported that plans had been finalized to administer the survey of parents of children who attend Bridgehampton schools on November 8. Considerable discussion ensued about appropriate protocols to identify the perceptions of those residents whose children did not attend Bridgehampton or who did not have children in the district.


            It was recommended to Dr. Youngblood that she inform the Board and the community that the SPC approved the administration of the parent survey re their perceptions of the Effective Schools elements on November 8th. The SPC also recognized its obligation to identify perceptions of those residents whose children did not attend Bridgehampton or who did not have children in the district. And it declared its intent to complete appropriate protocols to meet this need in the Spring of 2007.


II          Student Surveys: Angela Parisi indicated that she would complete the secondary students' perception of the Effective Schools elements by the end of the first week of November. These data would be forwarded to Eastern Suffolk BOCES for their prompt analysis as soon as possible.


            Dr. Bernato then indicated that if both the parent and the student data were available to us at our November 20 meeting, that meeting would be chiefly devoted to analyzing their implications and adapting our conclusions to the draft action plans we are considering.


III        Sub Committees: Dr. Bernato reviewed the Do's and Don'ts guidelines he had sent to each member as they consider the draft action plan goals we are considering. Each sub committee reported its progress.


1.      Formalize the Strategic Planning Council's role. - Group reported that it had met and begun the process.

2.      Increase communication among Bridgehampton school stakeholders. - Group reported that it had met and begun the process.

3.      Review curriculum for alignment and coordination with State Standards and assessments. - Group reported that it had met and recognized the systemic interrelationship of curriculum alignment; the needs of special populations; and professional development (Goals 4 and 5).

4.      Increase capacity of special education, English Language Learners, socioeconomic, gender, or minority populations to exceed the State Standard. - There was no sub group formed at this point to consider this goal. However, the Curriculum alignment group recognized how their efforts were entwined with this goal.

5.      Revise and align Professional Development Plan; See 4 / 5

6.      Create and implement a Technology Embedded Instructional Program for students K - 12. - Group reported good progress in considering all systemic relationships and recognized both its association with curriculum alignment and with strong evaluation tools.

7.      Seek and obtain Middle States Accreditation Status. - SPC tabled this goal to 2007 /8.

8.      Career Education Academy - Group reported excellent initial analyses; identified themes; potential initiatives; and the cross impact of its efforts with the entire effort to create a deep rooted and comprehensive strategic plan.


9.      Complete a census for Bridgehampton schools. - Dr. Youngblood reported that this goal is in progress.


10.  Demographic Study - Dr. Youngblood reported that this goal is in progress.




Dr. Bernato also stressed that action planning groups, once the initial discussions have distilled the premises and issues that are under consideration, should make every effort to use the action planning templates provided and to electronically forward these to him for feedback and revision periodically. He also indicated that it was the sub-group's obligation to seek input about their tasks from fellow non-SPC stakeholders.


Next meeting: November 20.