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District Wide Planning Committee: Summary





Dr. Bernato began the meeting by noting its goals.


This began with reviewing a template for how the strategic plan would appear in its finished form. He had previously uploaded the template via email.


The Council then reminded itself of the Effective Schools' Staff Survey that had been completed in the spring by reviewing its results again.


The Council reviewed the results of the Effective Schools' Parent Survey that had been administered in the first week of November. The Council expressed its dissatisfaction with the number of respondents and wondered whether the responses could be considered as representative of all parents of Bridgehampton students.


Other concerns were raised about this survey. A council member noted that staff and students were thoroughly briefed on how to complete the survey where parents had not.


Discussion followed about how best to garner more parent responses. Two members volunteered to re - administer the survey to parents through secondary students' efforts.


Dr. Youngblood noted that these surveys also contained written responses and council members volunteered to analyze these data to report at the next meeting.


The synthesis of analysis of the three surveys indicated general agreement re matters of communication intra staff and between parent and community members. This corroborated the root cause the Council had discerned about the need for increased communication among all stakeholders.


The Council also noted student interest in an increased variety of course offering and career exploration opportunities on the secondary level. The Council agreed to amend its action goal re Career exploration to consider how to offer increased electives to its secondary students.


Dr. Bernato asked for an ad hoc group to create a protocol to gather input from community members who did not have children or did not have children who attended Bridgehampton schools. The sub committee responsible for Action Plan Goal 2; Communications, indicated that they were developing strategies within their group to get this done.


A review of the progress of each goal was conducted.

The sub group for Action Plan Goal 1 indicated that it felt it was done and distributed its draft to the group.

N. B. This group also distributed this plan to the entire group via email and invited the group to review and offer comments to them via email. Dr. Bernato has already posted his suggestions and strongly urges all members to respond in kind.


In addition he urges that each subgroup also post its progress to all members in the same fashion as soon as possible.


Dr. Bernato urged the group to continue to seek input from NON - Council members lest they object to our conclusions before we recommend these to the Board of Education. Two teachers remarked that they have already begun to do this but experienced difficulty in communicating the progress of the technical issues that the Council has addressed thus far.

A member suggested that the Council develop Talking Points for distribution among all interested stakeholder groups. Dr. Bernato said that he would draft these and seek consensus for distribution.


A member asked if the January deadline the Council had self-imposed was realistic. Dr. Bernato said that it would be difficult to complete every dimension of the project by then but that the bulk of the work could be completed if everyone pulled together quickly. Dr. Youngblood and a Board member noted that the community and the Board did expect what was promised by the January time point. It was agreed that the Council could make an update presentation to the Board in late January and use February / March to fine tune and adjust its recommendations. A goal was to integrate the Plans with Budget development during that period of time.


A parent, new to the process, expressed concern about the representation of parent stakeholders. Council members explained that parents had attended and that the Council had made attempts to rotate meeting times to accommodate all stakeholders' schedules.


Dr. Bernato observed that the main tasks at hand now were to complete the plans. Various ways that time could be allocated to do this were discussed. The next meeting time and / or Professional Day would be decided by Dr. Youngblood, Mr. Pryor, and Dr. Bernato and communicated.