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District Wide Planning Committee: Agenda


MAY 1, 2006


MATERIALS: laptop, room arranged in ONE table, agenda, communication summary and attached items, index cards

I           Goals

            - Hear report out on Shared Vision / Mission statement subgroup

            - Hear report out on potential root causes from School Report Card data

            - Practice other root cause identification skills

            - Decide how or whether to use Effective Schools Surveys

            - Hear report out on Systems Training group

            - Consider Community Connect

            - Establish subgroup re district demographics and socioeconomic data

            - Make decisions based on their tentative conclusions

            - Reach consensus re communication document


II          Shared Vision - Dave / Nanette

-         possible recommendations

-         possible actions

-         Consensus?


III        School Report Card Root Cause analysis - Henry

-         report out

-         analysis

-         possible actions

-         Consensus?


IV        More Root Cause training

-         5 Whys

-         Affinity Diagram


V         Effective School Survey

            - Consensus on target groups

            - Goals for

            - Timetable for administration


VI        Systems Training - Jack






VII        Community Connect

-         sub group to review and recommend

o       Dr. Youngblood

o       ?


-         Goals for?


VIII      Demographics / Socioeconomic

-         purpose

-         timetable


IX        Communications document

-   Analysis

-         Consensus?


X         Next meeting's goals?