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Staff Directory

Bridgehampton School District

Faculty and Staff
(Superintendent of Schools, Ext. 1398)
(Principal, Ext. 1375)

(Director for PPS, Ext. 1376)

Elementary School Staff
(3rd Grade Teacher, Ext. 1362)
(2nd Grade Teacher, Ext. 1364)

(Kindergarten Teacher)
(Kindergarten Teacher, Ext. 1315)

(Ag. Science/Elementary 12:1:1 Teacher Assistant, Ext. 1387)
(5th Grade Teacher, Ext. 1349)

(4th Grade Teacher, Ext. 1339)
(School Aide)

(1st Grade)
(School Aide)

(AIS Math Teacher, Ext. 1390)
(1st Grade Teacher, Ext. 1317)

(Pre-K Aide )
(Pre-k Teacher, Ext. 1320)

(Specialized Reading, Ext 1329)
(5th Grade Teacher, Ext. 1374)

(Pre K Aide, Ext. 1370)
(Elementary ESL Teacher, Ext. 1356)

(4th grade Teacher, Ext 1367)
(1st Grade Teacher, Ext. 1347)

(Elementary 12:1:1 Teacher)
(Private School Teacher, Ext. 1316)

(Elementary 12:1:1 Aide)
(AIS ELA Teacher, Ext. 1312)

(AIS Literacy Teacher, Ext. 1324)
(Foreign Language Teacher, Ext. 1385)

(2nd Grade Teacher, Ext. 1309)
(Hayground School Teacher, Ext. 1316)

Secondary School Staff
(Secondary Special Education Teacher)
(Foreign Language Teacher - Spanish)

(ESL Teacher, Ext. 1353)
(English Teacher)

(Foreign Language - French, Ext. 1348)
(Special Education Teacher)

(Secondary 12:1:1 Aide)
(Science Teacher)

(Secondary 1:1 Aide)
(Secondary Special Education Teacher)

(English Teacher)
(ESL Teacher)

(Secondary Special Education Teacher)
(Social Studies Teacher)

(Secondary Special Education Teacher)
(Science Teacher)

(Family and Consumer Science Teacher)
(Secondary Special Education Teacher)

(6th Grade Teacher ext. 1379)
(Social Studies Teacher)

(English as Second Language)

(Math Teacher)
(Science Teacher)

(1:1 Aide)
(Math Teacher)

(Math Teacher)

Special Services
(School Counselor, Ext. 1389)
(School Psychologist, Ext. 1332)

(Director of Guidance/School Counselor, Ext. 1333)
(Elementary ESL Teacher, Ext. 1343)

(School Nurse, Ext. 1327)

Special Subject Teachers (K-12)
(Director of Physical Education, Health, and Athletics/Dean of Students)
(Technology Teacher, Ext 1341)

(Music Teacher, Ext. 1334)
(Art Teacher, Ext. 1354)

(Physical Education, Ext. 1340)
(Music Teacher, Ext. 1336)

(Music Teacher, Ext. 1335)
(Technology and Art Teacher)

Support Staff
(Principal's Secretary, Student Account Officer & Bilingual Assistant Registrar) Ext. 1310)
(District Clerk, Records Access Officer & Assistant to Superintendent, Ext. 1322)

(Food Service Worker, Ext. 1351)
(Maintenance, Ext. 1363)

(Facilities Mechanic, Ext. 1307)
(Senior account Clerk, Payroll, Ext. 1372)

(Senior account Clerk & Purchasing Agent, Ext. 1344 )
(Senior account Clerk & Purchasing Agent, Ext. 1344)

(Account Clerk, Ext. 1338)
(Cafeteria Staff, Ext. 1318)

(Custodian, Ext. 1393)

(Food Service Worker)

(Cafeteria Manager, Ext. 1351)
(Guidance Secretary & Registrar, Ext. 1325)

(School Horticulturist Ext. 1475)

(Aide, Ext. 1370)
(Treasurer, Ext. 1342)

(PPS/ENL Secretary, Ext 1377)


Technology Staff
(Ext. 1345)

Our Schools/Buildings

Bridgehampton School District